Sunday, July 15, 2012

Millette Video Portfolio

McKean Man Builds Igloo:

Each winter for the past five years, Ray Robson has built a quinzhee, which is a igloo-like shelter made of piled snow, in the front yard of his McKean Township home. See a video of the process, and the results.

Mercyhurst University Forensics Students Have A Blast:

About 25 students in a summer course conducted as part of Mercyhurst University's Applied Forensic Sciences program watched a minivan explode in Waterford Township on June 26, 2012. The pre-planned explosion was part of a summer program called "Recovery and Interpretation of the Disaster Scene." The van included a roadkill deer carcass. The remains of the deer and the vehicle will be mapped and analyzed by the students over the rest of the week.

Boaters Grateful For Erie Towing Service:

Every day, Lakeshore Towing Services towboat Capt. Neil Lundell and five other towboat operators rescue stranded boaters on Lake Erie waters. Lundell thinks his work is a "pretty run-of-the-mill job," but stranded boaters in Lake Erie appreciate his services.

Truck Stuck Under French Street Overpass:

A tractor trailer got stuck under a too-low railroad overpass on French Street in Erie.

Peaceful Work For Mausoleum Employee:

Paul Menosky says that his work as a maintenance worker at a local cemetery and mausoleum is peaceful, fulfilling and nothing to be afraid of.

Shopping Cart Collector:

Pity the lowly shopping cart jockey, you think. But Joe Fischer says you've got him all wrong. Fischer, 18, of Millcreek Township, is focused on quality as he collects shopping carts at the Wegmans West Erie grocery store in Millcreek Township.

Erie County Students Learn to Play The Violin:

Watch as Perry Elementary School third graders learn to play violin thanks to grants that supply musical instruments to 25 schools throughout the Erie area this school year. The Perry students receive 6-weeks of musical instruction from Jamie Niverth, a member of the Greater Erie Youth Symphony Orchestra, on violins designed for the smaller hands of young students.

Same-sex Marriage in Findley Lake:

Jennifer Gurley and Samantha Pawlak of Euclid, Ohio, were married at the Litz Family Memorial Gazebo in Findley Lake, N.Y., on Sept. 24, 2011. It was one of the first same-sex marriage ceremonies performed in Findley Lake, located in Mina, since New York state's same-sex marriage law went into effect in July 2011.

Tour the Flight 93 National Memorial:

Take a video tour of the Flight 93 National Memorial in Stonycreek Township, Somerset County, near Shanksville. The portions of the memorial shown here are the first phase of the permanent memorial project, which opened to the public on Sept. 11, 2011.

12th Annual Slobberfest:

Watch as basset hounds and their owners participate in the benefit for Droopy Basset Rescue of Western Pennsylvania during the 12th annual Slobberfest in Amity Township on July 9, 2011.