Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Video: Railfest 2008

Take a look at the sights and sounds from RailFest 2008 in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It was a warm July weekend, but Grayson and I had a great time camping out and watching trains. We took a ride around the Altoona Curve on that classic Pennsylvania Railroad EMD E-8 set, one of only a few that are still in operation. Then we spent hours at the curve watching the trains go by. By the way, I forgot to include a credit in the video, the song I use is called Altoona by Artese N' Toad, which I purchased from iTunes. I hope they don't mind my usage. Enjoy.



Blogger Colleen said...

Mike, Sammy and I loved it! I teared up a little when Grayson was huggin' Mommy:)

10:13 AM  

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