Sunday, June 29, 2008

Photo: Swim the Bay

I asked our intern Carlos Delgado (whose last day is today... bueno suerte amigo!) to help me edit my still photos from the Swim the Bay event that I detail in the video below. He went right to this image. "Well, that's really more of a photo for my blog," I said. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt that it really SHOULD be in the mix for the print and online package we developed for this event. So it's planned to run as the lede photo on the jump page for this story, which is fine. It's still a nice photo for my blog. If you'd like to read more about this event, click here. Enjoy. 6/28/08.

Video: Swim the Bay

I shot this video today while on assignment, covering the first mile-long swim of Presque Isle Bay, from Vista 3 at Presque Isle State Park in Millcreek Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania, to the Erie Yacht Club in Erie. I really like the guy's comments at the end. If you'd like to read more about this event, click here. Enjoy. 6/28/08.

Photo: Toronto Bus 86

I love street photography and I'm a huge fan of mass transit, so I put those two passions together to make this image during a recent family vacation to Toronto. We took Via Rail from Niagara to Toronto, so we were beholden to public transportation while there. This bus was returning from the (underwhelming, except for the stingray exhibit) Toronto Zoo. It was packed with humanity and I saw something brewing. I made three frames that I like, but this one is really all there. There's something '70s about it. I'm not sure, but I really like it. 6/24/08.

Video: Dennis Mead's Trains

Dennis Mead of Summit Township, Erie County, Pennsylvania was kind enough to let us see his great Erie Lackawanna G-gauge model railroad layout. All the kids (big and little) enjoyed it. Hope you do too. The best part is the tunnel that goes through the bottom of his double-wide. 6/8/08.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Video: Erie SeaWolves 2008 opener

This is a video I shot in April. Since baseball is my favorite sport, I had a good time shooting this video. I especially like the interaction between the father and son as they watch a good fielding play come together. Enjoy. 4/10/08

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Video: 2008 UUCE Community Yard Sale

This is a look at the annual community yard sale at the church we attend. It's a big deal for the church and the community. Enjoy. 6/7/08

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Photo: Anniversary Bugs

This is an odd scene that I noticed late on a very warm (for Erie) October evening, which happened to be a sad anniversary for me. 10/17/2007.

Video: Searching for emerald ash borer beetles

Here's another video I shot recently. It shows how a couple of Pennslyvania Department of Agriculture interns set traps for emerald ash borer beetles, which are an invasive bug that's killing trees in the midwest and has been found in a couple Pennsylvania counties. My favorite still photo from the shoot is below. 6/6/2008.

Emerald ash borer program surveyor Bethany Addis checks a net after sweeping the lower branches of an ash tree June 6 at Frontier Park in Erie. Addis, 24, who is an Edinboro University masters biology student, is interning with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture this summer. Her job this summer is to set an Ash Borer trap in every 1.5 square miles of Erie County for the invasive emerald ash borer, which has been found in ash trees in counties south of Erie. The beetle lays its eggs in the trees and the larve feed on the wood, eventually killing the tree. 6/6/2008.

Video: Grow Your Own Garden

I went on this assignment not expecting to shoot video, but I thought it warranted it once I got there. Shot it on a $200 FlipVideo, which you can check out here. The picture quality is good, but it's a bear to edit on Final Cut Pro.

Video: Villa Maria garden

Here's a video I shot and produced on a local Catholic elementary school's garden project. I had to double shoot: stills and video at the same time. I try not to force my photographers into this situation, as both stills and video suffers. But, as shown here, it happens sometimes. 6/5/2008.